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DIY Natural Mouthwash (that actually works!)

IMG_4254[1]Have you ever looked at the back of a store-bought mouthwash bottle?  Filled with chemicals!  Just to keep our mouths minty fresh…well, there’s a better more natural way that actually works!

You ask…Why would anyone want to make their own mouthwash? Well it’s one of the frugal ways you can take control of the ingredients, and know exactly what goes in your mouths. I’m talking about avoiding artificial colors and other weird ingredients.  Because living the organic life is all about avoiding all the unneccessary processed chemical products, right?  So why wouldn’t we extend this past just organic foods?

So you ask, but does this taste good? Does store-bought mouthwash REALLY taste good?  It’s filled with alcohol that burns the inside of your mouth…ick.  Well, the DIY mouthwash really does! It’s minty and refreshing. 🙂

Does it work? Yes! After using it for months I can attest to its effectiveness! It leaves your breath minty fresh and another unexpected amazing benefit has been its whitening power. Not only did it get rid of some stubborn stains, but has kept them from returning!!

Are you convinced yet?  Well, give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

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