Organic Coupon Sources

Organic Coupon Sources

As you may have discovered, organic coupons are not as readily available as the other mainstream coupons.  Yes, occasionally some appear in the Sunday newspaper insert, but not many.  So the best place to find coupons for organic and natural coupons is online.

Below is a list of where I go to check what coupons are available.

  1. Sunday newspaper inserts – you don’t have to have it delivered to your home every week (although this is a great way to guarantee you get the coupons), you can also check out local coffee shops to see if you can score any that people have tossed in the recycle bins.  I’ve gotten a few multiple sets of coupons I was searching for this way.  Also, the 99¢ store also has papers on sale for just $0.99 🙂  Another great cheap option too!
  2. Coupon Websites – I would check the websites… I’ve listed below.  One or several of these may have the coupons you need.
  3. Mobile Apps – Yup 🙂 many smartphone apps have been developed to help us save money with mobile coupons, like ibottaShopkickJingitReceipt Hog….and many more
  4. In-store Displays – when you’re in the store, check around to see if there are any displays that have tear pad coupons or a “blinkie” machine that pops out coupons attached to it.  This is a great way companies promote new items by enticing consumers with a money-saving coupon.  A few months ago, there was a great coupon for Seventh Generation products on a display right next to the product!
  5. Product Packages – Check the product package for any “peelies” to help you “save now”.  Or when you get home, check in the box the item came in for coupons possibly printed on the inside.  I once found a great coupon for Annie’s Organic Snacks on the inside of a Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies box…so you never know unless you look!
  6. Contact the Manufacturers – If you can’t find the coupon that you want…it doesn’t hurt to check directly with the manufacturer.  I usually send a quick note either complimenting them on a great product, or asking for coupons to try out their latest product.  You can do it either by mail, email, their website contact form, and even on their Facebook wall.
  7. Trading Groups – Last but not least…you can always join a trading group and list the coupons you are looking for and trade the ones you don’t want or can’t use.  That’s how I met my new coupon buddies 🙂  So you never know what you’ll discover…maybe even a new friend who shares the same organic deal seeking & couponing as you do!  You can list your coupon search in the Organic Finds & Coupons Facebook Group if you are looking for something in particular….perhaps one of the members can help you!

Where do you find your natural and organic coupons?


Facebook – It seems that many coupons are offering coupons directly on their Facebook pages.  Make sure you become a fan of the companies you like or follow them on Twitter or Instagram.  Many companies are offering deals and coupons only exclusive to their fans.

Common Kindness – For every coupon you use, you can apply a % of the funds towards a charity of your choice…win win! – Organic coupons are not common, but sometimes they are available here.  You can find other regular coupons here.

EcoBonus – Upload product receipts or enter codes from product packages to collect points and earn rewards for purchasing natural, eco-conscious, or socially responsible products.  Use these points towards high value coupons.

Hopster – You can “boost” the value of your coupons by completing various actions and quests.

Mambo Sprouts – This site provides coupons for Sprouts Farmers Market & Whole Foods Market websites.  Only natural and organic coupons.

Recyclebank – Great website where you can learn about how to live a greener life and earn points towards high value coupons as well as other rewards.

Health-e Savers – provides valuable printable coupons from all natural brands for food, groceries, natural remedies, natural beauty, nutritional supplements and pets.

Sprouts Farmers Market Monthly deals book (store coupons) – you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons.

Whole Foods Market – The Whole Deals books (store coupons) – you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons. (store coupons) – you can stack with manufacturer’s coupons.  Target also has a new app called Cartwheel that will help you save even more in Target stores.

Where do you find your natural and organic coupons?


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