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Can you believe that there are over 1,000 uses for baking soda, besides baking?  Baking soda is an amazing product, great for natural cleaning as well as many other uses.

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Natural Cleaning with Vinegar

In my quest to live an organic and chemical-free life, I decided to look up ways that I can start switching my every day cleaning items with more natural products.  Did you know that plain white vinegar is a GREAT cleaning agent?

Yup you can use plain vinegar for cleaning besides culinary uses 🙂 It’s quite amazing what a little vinegar can do!  Now I keep a jug of it in my kitchen as well as my laundry area.  Now I don’t have to worry about all the toxic fumes and residue left by chemical-based cleaners.  Vinegar is a cheap way to clean your home and save money too!

White vinegar is also known as distilled vinegar – which is a bit misleading, since distilled vinegar is a result by the fermentation of distilled alcohol.  This new fermentate is then diluted to produce a colorless solution of about 5-8% acetic acid in water, which a pH of about 2.4.

Because vinegar is acidic, it can dissolve mineral deposits from glass and other smooth surfaces.  It also has antibacterial properties…vinegar is effective against mold and bacteria.

I’ve compiled a quick list below of different ways we can use vinegar to clean.

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