TODAY ONLY – 200 Shopkick Kicks at Best Buy!

Shopkickers….Today Only – you can get 200 Shopkick points at Best Buy just for walking into the store!

Have you tried Shopkick yet?  If you haven’t now is a time to join the fun!

Let’s take a moment to talk about one of my favorite apps…Shopkick – Get rewards for the shopping you’re already doing.

All you have to do is walk into a participating store, and open up the Shopkick app and it will automatically apply any bonus walk-in kicks.  Link your Visa or MasterCard, and you can collect even more kicks for purchases at participating stores! Not comfortable with linking your credit card?  You can still earn points by scanning certain products at various retailers.

So by going into Best Buy Today, we will earn 200 kicks just for walking in! You can also earn another 100 extra kicks to scan the new Samsung SMART TV while you’re in the store today.

A $2.00 Target gift card is only 500 kicks…so by visiting today, you will be almost half way to earning a Target gift card just by walking into the store!  And if you scan the TV, you’ll be event closer! How cool is that?

Treat yourself to a free Starbucks latte, or an amazing pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing.  Or save them up to get that designer product on your wish list.  Or better yet, save all the kicks to put towards gift cards for the upcoming Holiday Shopping Season.  I know there will be some AWESOME opportunities to earn a lot of kicks during next week’s Black Friday sales.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a great app that can get you some great gift cards for various retailers, like TargetOld NavyMacy’s & Sephora, even Tiffany & Co.!  Reward gift cards range start as low as  $5.00 and up.  You can also earn points towards for a Kate Spade purse or a KitchenAid Mixer!

Another bonus…Shopkick has exclusive coupons that you can use at participating retailers too!

Download the app on your iPhone or Android phone and check it out today!  Who can complain about free money? :)

What other apps are your favorite?


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