5 Weird Things BPA Is Doing to Our Bodies from Rodale News

Rodale News presents another article on how bisphenol A (aka BPA) affects our bodies.  More than one million pounds of BPA are released into the environment each year, but scientists are discovering that just a tiny amount can create strange & lasting health problems.

You can find BPA in some plastics, in the lining of canned goods, and even a coating on cash register receipts.  It’s amazing the side affects of BPA in our system…and unfortunately it’s probably already in our bodies.  Here’s a quick summary of how BPA affects us:

Erodes Teeth

Daily low doses of BPA could be damaging tooth enamel.  Note any changes in your kids teeth.  “Roughly 18 percent of children between the ages of 6 and 8 experience this unhealthy change that leads to white marks and brittle enamel….Therefore, teeth could be used as early markers of exposure to endocrine disruptors acting in the same way as BPA and so could help in early detection of serious pathologies that would otherwise have occurred several years later.”

Misfires Hearts

“BPA overrode the female body’s natural heartbeat signaling, causing arrhythmia – erratic beating that could cause sudden cardiac death.”

Low Sex Drive

BPA leads to lower testosterone levels in men, lower sperm counts, and poor sperm quality…which all leads to lower sex drive.

Love Handles

BPA can accelerate fat-cell differentiation, which can increase a person’s body mass index.

Multi-Generational Damage

It’s sad how much BPA can affect us all genetically.  It is known to be associated with autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders.

How to Protect Ourselves:

We need to take measures in protecting ourselves and our families, until the U.S. has regulations to ban BPA in all food containers like France has.

  • Avoid plastic food & drink containers.  Switch to food-grade stainless steel or glass.  Some #7 plastics contain BPA.  Never heat food in plastic in the microwave or dishwasher – this can accelerate leaching.
  • Say no to trivial receipts.  If you need to keep the receipt, keep it in an envelope instead of your wallet or purse, to minimize the amount of contact you have with the receipt.  Wash your hands after you handle them.
  • Pick fresh and/or frozen vegetables or fruit instead of canned.
  • Be skeptical of BPA-free claims. The BPA replacement, BPS, also has hormone-disrupting qualities too.

It’s our responsibility to be know what is being marketed to us, and to make the right choices for our families.  Stay informed and stand for your rights as a consumer.  Together we can make a stand and send a message to food manufacturers to drop the use of BPA and/or BPS entirely.

Read the full story here.

Make sure to check out the New Study:  Your Body Absorbs More BPA Than Previously Thought article as well.

Source: Rodale News

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