7 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Sugar from Rodale News

Another great article from Rodale News about why we need to give up on our sugar addiction – by not adding sugar in your food voluntarily…since it’s probably already in there already.  Food  manufacturer’s are adding sugar into our food supply more and more each day without us really even noticing it.  Even “health foods” contain sugar that doesn’t even need to be there.  Sugar is everywhere…even where we don’t even think it would be…

“Americans swallow a whopping 13 percent of their daily calories from added sugars.”

13 percent!  Can you believe that?  That makes to be about 130 pound per year…which works out to about 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day! Wowsers! As a woman, I should only be consuming a max of 6 teaspoons according to the American Heart Association, and men at 9.  That’s almost 3x the max amount!  Soda is not the only thing to blame…

Sugar is found in low-fat salad dressing.  Solution –  Switch to a simple vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette dressing instead…or look for brands like OrganicVille that are made with no added sugars

It tricks your brain.

The added sugar lets fructose & high-fructose corn syrup to trick your brain to thinking you’re still hungry.  Can you believe sugar can be found in multigrain & whole wheat breads?  Solution – look for breads that have the lowest content of sugar…or better yet, make it yourself 🙂

It accelerates aging.

Did you know sugar makes you age faster?  I surely didn’t.  And excess sugar intake also leads to type 2 diabetes & heart disease.  The USDA & FDA don’t list a maximum limit on how much sugar manufacturers can put in their foods…which means you won’t really know if you’re at your max.

It “browns” your tissues.

Not quite sure what this means exactly…but “Oxidative stress turns our tissues “brown, this is known as the Maillard reaction.  Chronically overindulging in excess added sugar will speed up this browning process.”  That just doesn’t sound right at all.  As we know already, sugar is found in most processed foods.  So the more we cook from scratch the better we are at limiting our sugar intake.

It makes your liver fat.

The mitochondria in your liver takes the excess sugar intake into liver fat, which results into nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.  The pancreas is then forced to make more insulin to help the liver do it’s job.  Scary thing is that you won’t see it physically…people averaged a 2% increase in body fat, but a 27% increase in liver fat.

It makes you an addict.

“Dopamine is one of your body’s feel-good neurotransmitters.”  Eating too much shuts down healthy signals to your body, which means it will take more sugar to bring any pleasure.  Again, beware of packaged goods….especially the “healthy smoothies”, you never know what may be lurking in that smoothie!

It annihilates your arteries.

Over time, sugar “irritates the endothelium, the sheath of special cells coating the inside of your blood vessels…which could impact oxygen sent to your organs.”

So the moral of this article….

Eat Real Food.  Take time out to cook meals from scratch to serve the family.  I also fall into the processed foods trap when we’re tired, but I’ve found that by taking the time out to plan my meals and cook them over the weekend…I feel so much better what my family is eating.  Simple meals are better…

If  you’re interested in the whole article head on over to Rodale News.

So how are you planning on taking out the excess sugar in your meals?  Let us know what you think!

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