Sunshine Burgers Coupons

Sunshine BurgersAs highlighted in my recent post here, one of the ways I receive coupons is contacting manufacturer’s directly, either by writing a simple email,  letter, or visiting their website.

At the beginning of the month, I noticed that Sunshine Burgers were part of the Sprouts Farmers Market July Sale for $3.50 for a 3 count box, so I decided to contact Sunshine Burgers via their website contact form to see if they had any coupons available.

Here is what I sent to them:


Would love to try out your burgers.  Do you have any coupons I can use?

Thank you, Quynh-Thi

…and their response back to me the next day…

Dear Quynh-Thi,

Thank you for your inquiry about Sunshine Burger coupons.  We are a small company with a very limited advertising budget; however, we would be happy to send you some discount coupons. If you would kindly send a post-paid, self-addressed envelope we will mail them out to you shortly. Please remit your envelope to: Sunshine Burger, Attn: Coupons, 701 Jones Ave, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538.


Judy Woychik | Customer Service | Sunshine Burger & Specialty Food Company LLC |

I went ahead and sent the post-paid, self-addressed envelope according to their instructions…and a couple of days later, I received an envelope stuff with great information & coupons!

  • a thank you letter for contacting them
  • a sales sheet with all the information on their various types of burgers
  • a magnet for my fridge
  • AND THREE $1.00/2 packages of Organic Sunshine Burgers coupons – that don’t expire until December 2014!

I wasn’t quite expecting all this, but was pleasantly surprised!  So now I can’t wait to go ahead and use my coupon as part of the Sprouts sale.

Head over to Sunshine Burger today to request coupons to try their burgers too!

Have you contact manufacturer’s for coupons lately?  You never know what you’ll receive until you ask.


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