6 Startling Secrets from a Food Industry Insider from Rodale News

The more I learn & read about organic & healthy living…the more appalled I am at how the food industry here in the US try to fool us all to think we are eating “safe” foods. Just appalling! It just upsets me to think that companies actually think that the bottom line is so much more important than the health & welfare of the general public.

My husband recently shared an article from Rodale News about 6 Startling Secrets from a Food Industry Insider.  Rodale News talks to Bruce Bradley, a former food marketer, about all the worrisome food-system threats and how we can avoid them as consumers. It’s quite an interesting read…and we will be following some of his tips for sure.

I’ve highlighted some of Bradley’s points below.

Your supermarket’s becoming a science lab, and you and your family are the guinea pigs. “Food companies like to pretend they are your friend and partner in healthy eating, but this couldn’t be further than the truth,” says Bradley.

Secret #1: Big Ag’s Treatment of Animals – Most livestock animals live in dirty crowed conditions. And they are pumped with all sorts of meds and antibiotics to keep them “healthy”. No thank you!

Solution: At the supermarket, look for organic meats and eggs. Or better yet…source locally from farms where animals are raised out on the pasture, and those certified by Animal Welfare Approved, a leading advocate for humane livestock treatment. Plus, the meat & eggs will taste better. 🙂

Secret #2: Artificial Sweeteners – Everyone loves a no- or low-calorie drink…but at what costs? Fake sweeteners actually make you gain weight rather than loosing it! Plus some sweeteners have been linked to being toxic to brain cells!

Solution: Limit your sweetener intake in general. If you need a sweet fix, try natural sweeteners like raw unprocessed local honey.

Secret #3: Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – Need I say more? GMOs are linked to the spike in food allergies, digestive diseases, obesity and even the accelerated aging.

Solution: Buy only “Non-GMO Project Verified” or Organic foods to ensure products do not contain GMOs.

Secret #4: Trans Fats – linked to coronary heart disease

Solution: “Don’t completely trust labels claiming No Trans Fats. They’re still there; Big Food i just doing a better job hiding them,” says Bradley. They are only required to label trans fats that total more than 0.49 grams per serving. Avoid processed products listing partially hydrogenated oils on the ingredient list.

Secret #5: Fake Food Dyes – petroleum-derived food-coloring agents are like to kid-unfriendly conditions like ADHD, food allergies, and brain cell damage!

Solution: Buy organic! Avoid foods that contain dyes in general!

Secret #6: Fake Fat – Avoid industrialized fats like omega-6 rich oils. Food manufacturers like to manipulate these oils from corn, cottonseed, safflower, sunflower and soy oils to create unhealthy foods. Overloading on omega-6 causes brain inflammation, bad moods, and blood clots!

Solution: Avoid industrial fats in processed foods. Opt for beneficial fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and butter from grass-fed cows. These have the healthy brain & heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

So I hope that you were able to learn a little something as I did.  Are you interested in reading these types of articles?

How are you eating healthy?

Please leave your comments below and Feel free to read the full article here.


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