Ibotta Now Accepts Whole Foods Market!

Have you heard about the awesome Ibotta – Cash, Not Coupons app??  I told you, I love mobile apps!  Ibotta is a mobile app that pays you back for buying certain items.  It is super easy and I love using it!

How Ibotta Works:

  1. Choose Products – Before shopping, choose your products and complete the tasks.  The more you complete, the more case you’ll earn.
  2. Go Shopping – Buy your chosen products at over 40 retailers nationwide. We’re adding new stores all the time.
  3. Verify Purchase – Take a picture of your receipt and scan the product barcode or with participating retailers just checkout with your loyalty card.
  4. Get Cash – Yes, real money that you can send to a PayPal account.

That’s it!  How awesome is that???

Ibotta even has offers for natural and organic brands among other conventional brands as well.  Below are a few I spotted…

  • Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, any variety – 6 oz or larger = $0.50
  • Driscoll’s Raspberries, 6 oz container only = $0.50
  • Kiss My Face Natural Moisturizer, any variety – 6 or 16 oz size = $0.75
  • Silk Half Gallon, any variety = $0.75

I’ve earned over $40 in the past six months of using this app just for scanning my receipt for items that were already on my list.

Start earning CASH with Ibotta today by clicking here!

Some MORE exciting news to share about Ibotta….  Whole Foods Market is now the 44th retailer where Ibotta now works. You can redeem Ibotta Offers at Whole Foods Market by taking a picture of your receipt after checkout.

There is even a Whole Foods Bonus!  Earn even more money for shopping at Whole Foods Market by checking out the Store Extras!  Make $12.00 for redeeming 12 products from 11 natural and organic food brands.  These offers are only valid through Whole Foods purchases!

Purchase any of the below brands to earn your exclusive Whole Foods Store Extras!  Offers valid through August 6, so hurry!

  • Bhakti Chai Ready-to-Drink 16 oz bottle = $1.00
  • Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, any variety – 5 oz bag or larger = $1.00
  • CLIF Kit’s Organic Fruit & Nut Bar, any flavor – 1 bar = $0.50
  • DeLallo Whole Wheat Organic Pasta, any variety – any size = $0.75
  • Enjoy Life Soft Baked Cookies, any variety – 6 oz box = $0.75
  • EVOL Foods Burritos, any variety excluding minis – any size = $1.00
  • Ian’s All Natural Breaded Popcorn Turkey Corn Dogs, any variety – 8 oz = $1.50
  • Ian’s Fish Sticks, any variety – 8 oz = $1.50
  • Ian’s All Natural Breaded Organic Chicken Nuggets, any variety – 8 oz = $1.50
  • Little Duck Organics, Might Oats, any variety = $1.00
  • Noosa Yoghurt, any variety – 8 or 16 oz container = $0.50
  • Peach Cereal, any variety – 10 oz box or larger = $1.00

And when you redeem at least 4 Ibotta Offers on one trip to Whole Foods Market….You automatically earn an EXTRA $2.00!!!

This means you can earn a total of $14.00 for just shopping at Whole Foods Market using the Ibotta app!  $14.00 certainly helps save money towards our Organic goals!

Make sure you check out what other natural and organic offers are listed in your app!  Download the Ibotta app today!


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