Check out your Local Farms & Markets for Another Way to Save!

Recently, with all the uproar with the Big Box Supermarket Chains being a part of the anti GMO-labeling campaign, it made me think of what my options truly are for finding the food & products for my family, without compromising my values.  Obviously, I don’t want to intentionally support any companies that are against my own values or viewpoints – like those who are against labeling GMO products.

So for the best way to guarantee we are keeping all the organic companies and farmers in business is to support them right? does just that.  Local Harvest is a database that allows you to search for ALL the local farmers and markets in your own community.   You can search by Store, Farm, Farmers Markets, Grocery/Co-Op, Meat Processors, and even Restaurants!

Check out your local community to see what they have to offer today!

What other ways do you support the local community?  Please leave your times and comments below!

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