Viggle – Make TV More Rewarding

Viggle screenshotAs you can probably tell from my Twitter feed to the right…I love Viggle!

Have you Viggled yet? 🙂

Viggle is an AWESOME app that you use to “check-in” to TV shows and earn points towards amazing real rewards!  Both my husband and I viggle while we watch TV.

Download the Viggle app today!  iTunes App | Android app

Here’s how it works:

  • For each minute you “check-in” and watch a TV program you earn one (1) point – so if you check-in to an hour-long show, you earn 59 points – etc.
  • You can also earn bonus points for checking in to certain promoted shows.  Bonus points range from +50-200 EXTRA points on top of the minute points you earn!  This is a quick way to rack up points!
  • Another bonus you can earn, is to play Viggle Live, which is a trivia game associated with some shows. You can earn up to +10-25 points for correct answers!
  • I love playing MyGuy during NBA games. This is a real-time fantasy sports game that is available for pro football & basketball games!
  • Once you’ve accumulated points, you can go shopping in the Viggle Rewards catalog.  They have some pretty awesome rewards, like gift cards to Starbucks, CVS, Best Buy…and other retailers.  Or you can save up for the bigger rewards like a Kindle Fire HD or even a cruise!!!!

I recently used my Viggle points to get a $15 Groupon credit to pay for some AWESOME Seafood at a local restaurant!  How cool is that?

So all you need to do is sign up for Viggle and start earning points today!


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