Welcome to Organic Finds & Coupons

Hello Everyone!

My name is Quynh-Thi.  I live in Orange County in sunny Southern California.  I am a wife and mother of a wonderful son who will soon be 7.  I work full-time outside the home and love finding great deals and being able to get everything my family needs while sticking to my budget. For many years now, I have been a regular couponer and deals finder, whether it be shopping the weekly sales with coupons to just stock piling on products that my family needed.

This past Christmas 2012, I developed an unexplainable allergic reaction all over my face, hands and feet to something that I had come in contact which lead to a visit to my local ER 😦  Unfortunately after some blood work, my doctor is still unable to determine whether I had an allergic reaction to food or other products.  Her advice to me was to start to cut out any foods that could possibly be linked.  The most logical change for me was to switch to mainly organic foods starting with the Dirty Dozen culprits…and slowly switch everything to organics only so I don’t completely blow my grocery budget 🙂

This switch has benefited my family tremendously.  I have not had a reaction since…and have found that yes, it is possible to live on organic foods & products and still be on a budget!

My switch to organics wasn’t necessarily a voluntary switch, but I would not change back no matter what.  The past few months or reading various blogs and GMOs and other “natural” stuff has woken me up to the need to stay organic.  This has also made me realize that perhaps, my allergies were due to the unnatural ingredients after all!

So come join me on my organic journey!  I will post about organic deals I find as well as tips on how to save and live organic. Come join me if you share the same passion 🙂

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Here’s to a better and healthier you!


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